Welcome to my website. Please feel free to check out my resume, projects, or personal interests. If you have any questions or collaboration ideas, don't hesitate to contact me.


I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in Computer Science and Engineering at UC Berkeley. My specialization is in Software/System Engineering where I apply Formal Methods and Data-Driven techniques (ML/DL). Furthermore, I am delving into the fascinating field of Distributed Systems, including blockchain, and Zero-Knowledge Proof. With a strong passion for hands-on software development, I have actively contributed to several open source projects.


Here are my current endeavors:

  • Leading and actively contributing to the development of Fact Fortress, an on-chain Zero-Knowledge Proof Framework. We recently won the first prize in its category at the ZKP/Web3 Hackathon 2023, an international competition promoted by UC Berkeley.
  • Contributing to the DARPA project Symbiotic Design for Cyber-Physical Systems, where I employ AI and formal methods to explore innovative UAV designs.
  • Contributing to the development of PACTI, a specification-based system analysis and design tool.
  • Focusing on developing AI-based approaches to facilitate correct-by-construction designs of Cyber-Physical Systems.


Here are some of my past achievements: